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Old Orchard

A week-end in Maine, USA

What's better than a weekend off at the beach?

For people from Quebec and its surroundings, a road trip in Maine is very easy. Only a 5-hour drive from Quebec City, Old Orchard is a popular destination for Quebecers.

kelly sous le haut quai le Pier


To discover the surroundings, I stayed at the Marcotte Motor Court which is an excellent choice for the price. It's nothing fancy, but the little cabanas have their charms, there's also a pool on site. The place is perfectly placed to spend your days at Old Orchard beach, whether you want to get there by car, bus or on foot. There is a bus stop right in front. In addition, several small restaurants are nearby. Accommodation prices can quickly rise, so it is important to book in advance.

petite cabane blanche avec un toit rouge au  Marcotte Motor Court motel

Where to eat

I advise you to try Jumpin Jakes Seafood, it is a good place to eat lobster. There is also an endless choice of restaurants near the “Pier”, the famous quay, there is a restaurant at the end of the quay and it is also a place to party at the end of the night. The food in this area is good, but the prices are higher. It's better to stray a little for more quality and better prices. For breakfast or just for a coffee, go to Beach Bagels, a little secret here: when you order there, you can park there for free for the day and their muffins are excellent.

kelly qui mange du homard

However, you absolutely must visit the quay: ''the Pier'', even if you don't eat there. You can buy souvenirs and take wonderful photos. This place takes us back in time with its archways and fake tattoos.

Old Orchard is perfect for spending quality time with family, but also with friends and lovers. You will undoubtedly find something to please you. For families, you cannot miss the small ''Palace Playland'' amusement park and the arcades.

Portland, Maine

If you're tired of the beach and want to do something else, I suggest you head to historic Portland. This small town is rather quiet compared to Old Orchard which is infested with tourists. It's a perfect place to get lost in the streets and discover the shops and restaurants in the area. Go see the South Portland Lighthouse and admire the view there.

You will have several choices of accommodation in this city. For young adults, stay at the Black Elephant Hostel. The staff is welcoming and the hostel is beautifully decorated. Hostels are always my first choice. Of course, we all have different desires, but I love meeting new people during my travels and I think it's the best way to achieve it. For those who want more privacy, you don't have to sleep in a dorm, there are also private rooms in hostels. In addition, if you are traveling with other people, it is sometimes more economical to take a room than two beds in a dormitory.

Where to eat

In Portland, go to Bao Bao Dumpling House, an Asian restaurant, very affordable and very good. If you have the chance, take several dishes and share them all together. For lunch, you have several choices, but I recommend, the Miss Portland Diner which will take you back in time with its style and its milkshakes. For a good lunch, homemade by chefs, with bagels and freshly made buns, the Maker's Galley is the place to go, this place is my top 1 of the trip.

Lose yourself in the streets starting at Exchange St and enter the souvenir shops. Then take a break to taste the famous Maine donuts at Holy Donut.

For a 4-days weekend, I advise you to spend two days in Old Orchard, one day in Portland and choose another place for a fourth day like Ogunquit.

I hope you enjoy the article.

Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions, I will be happy to answer them..


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