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My surprise from Mexico

Bacalar is a little further from the tourist crowds. 4-hour drive from Cancun is located the famous laguna de los 7 colores, a beautiful lake with seven shades of blue.

Personally, Bacalar was my favorite city of my entire trip. The somewhat calmer and warmer atmosphere totally joined me.

I spent 3 nights at the CHE hostel which had just opened. Like all the other CHE's, I have nothing bad to say about this hostel, it is on top.

Once I arrived, I went for a walk to discover the surroundings and to withdraw money at the counter. Well... before leaving for Bacalar, people warned me to bring enough money, because the ATM is often closed or broken, but I did it my way and waited to arrive.

When you are given advice, take note of it, because I had a lot of trouble withdrawing pesos. I finally had to walk back to the convenience store where the bus had left me, under the bright sun, hoping that the counter was working. Luckily he was.

Tip to remember for your stay in Bacalar, arrive with enough money.

Finally, I went back to the hostel to have my welcome cocktail offered by the CHE. This is the perfect time to socialize and meet people around the pool. So I met a group of Americans who then invited me to have dinner with them. This is what makes me love solo travel so much, you meet so many wonderful people and you have the possibility to do what you want when you want.

I went to eat with them and then finally, we decided to book tours for the next day.

Day 2

My clock strikes 5 a.m., I put on my jersey and my cotton, because it's still cold at that time and I leave for the other hostel in the area, The LakeHouse. Most excursions are with them and the hostel is great. They offer activities every day and they are right on the lake. I chose the CHE for the price which was much more affordable.

Anyway, I got up early to go paddle boarding at sunrise on the Lagun. The clouds will have finally been part of the game more than the sun, but the tour was nevertheless very good. You can also simply rent a paddle without the tour, but when you're alone, taking a tour is perfect for making friends.

Following our paddle board, we all went to lunch at El Manatí Bacalar before our second activity. A very good restaurant with an art gallery.

We then joined our sailboat on which we spend the afternoon. It was a failure in terms of the sailboat, no wind was present, despite the rain falling on our heads. So after 3 hours of paddle boarding, we had to row for a good 2 hours and be pulled by other boats in order to navigate the lake. 😂

We are still in Mexico, so there is no reason to cancel the activity for a little rain, we still find happiness there. Anyway, I haven't done much sport since my arrival, so I have to say that I did.

3 days

The rapids

A very popular site in Bacalar is the rapidos.

You will have to take a taxi to get there, but ask the people at the hostel if they want to share a taxi, several people are looking to go there and share the price of the race which is 150 pesos one way.

Once I arrived, I rented a kayak and set off to explore the area. I was practically alone sailing on the lake, I loved it. The water is so clear and the place is beautiful.

Finally, I returned to the rapids and floated in the current like the other dozens of tourists present. October is not a very popular time to go to Mexico, so I did not experience the large crowds that there can be, which was a plus to my trip.

In the evening, I spoiled myself with an octopus dinner and a good glass of wine at La Playata. An excellent restaurant on the edge of the lake.

Unfortunately, the weather was not great during my stay in Bacalar, but I was still able to enjoy it and it was still my favorite destination.


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